Douglaston FAQ

How and where can I make a reservation?
Customers are strongly urged to utilize the Online Reservation system (accessible via this website). However, reservations can be made through each golf course's pro-shop. Remember to check-in 30 minutes prior to your tee reservation.

How far in advance can I make a reservation?
Reservations can be made 10 days in advance on the web and 7 days in advance by phone. We strongly encourage you to book online to get the best possible tee time.

When is the latest I can cancel a reservation or adjust the number of players?
Cancellations and adjustments may be made up to 24 hours before day of play. If reservations are cancelled or adjusted within 24-hour period, customers are responsible for FULL GREENS FEES AND RESERVATION FEES (unless the course is closed). We do not accept e-mails for cancellations. You must call the pro-shop.

If someone in my group doesn't show up will I be charged?
If reservations are not adjusted prior to 24-hour adjustment period, customers are responsible for FULL GREENS FEES AND RESERVATION FEES. All members of the group must show up 30 minutes prior to tee off on time.

What is the maximum amount of players I can book for a reservation?
Maximum of 2 groups (8 players). For additional players, please contact the pro-shop.

What if I need to reserve multiple groups?
Multiple group reservations should be made through each course's pro-shop. Multiple group reservations are subjected to a different reservation policy.

If it is raining on my day of play, what should I do?
Please contact the course that you are scheduled to play and check on the conditions. If the course is closed, customers are not expected to play. If the course is opened, customers need to contact the course to find out the policy for that day. It is NECESSARY for EACH CUSTOMER to CONTACT the course for the policy. If customers do not show, reservation fees will be applied.

How long does the average round of golf take?
Depending on pace of play, the average is between 4 and 5 hours.

Can I make a same day reservations?
It is possible to make same day reservations ONLY through contacting the pro-shop.

What if my credit card was charged even though I cancelled?
Contact the course at which you were scheduled to play and request to speak to the manager on duty.

Can I add an extra person to my group on the day I play?
Please adjust the number of players via On-line reservation system or contact each course's pro-shop.

How much time in advance should I show up on my day of play?
Each group must check-in with the pro-shop at least 30 min before the tee time. If customers arrive late, please contact the pro-shop for appropriate arrangements. Not showing up 30 minutes early will most likely result in a group missing their tee- time.

Is there a senior rate restriction?
Seniors reserving tee-times on Friday between the hours of 8 AM to 11 AM will NOT be eligible for senior rate (ONLY APPLY TO DOUGLASTON GOLF COURSE).

What is your privacy policy concerning address, email, and phone numbers?
Personal information of all customers is stored in a Secured Server verified by VeriSign®.

What if my questions aren't answered in FAQ?
Please contact each golf course's pro-shop.